ROSAFILO Natura&Beauty for Your Business

Do you want Rosafilo cosmetics to be on the shelf of your drugstore or organic store? Are you looking for products that will help you take care of your salon or hotel customers properly? We encourage you to cooperate with our brand!

Cosmetics created out of fascination with nature

Rosafilo products were created for the love of nature, the smell of flowers and the nutritional action of plant and mineral ingredients. Using our face and body formulations in your living room, you will provide your customers with the best. Our products are composed exclusively of natural ingredients. We do not use chemistry, artificial fragrances or dyes, but we use the properties of essential oils, shea butter, rose petals, cane sugar and many others.

Cooperation with beauty salons, hotels and SPA

Do you run a hotel or beauty salon, want to stand out and take care of your customers comprehensively? Rosafilo cosmetics are a proven care, a moment of relaxation away from everyday hustle and bustle and solace of the senses. Working with our products, you can be sure that we have prepared them manually in compliance with all applicable standards and good practices, including the sterility of the production environment. In addition, all cosmetics were created in Poland on the basis of our own recipes.

Cooperation with us gives you access to unique, luxurious lines of pilings, bath salts or body butters that will delight guests of your hotel or visitors to the beauty salon. If you are looking for a brand based solely on natural ingredients, you want to expand the range of treatments or provide customers with new, sensual impressions, speak to us!

As part of the cooperation, you will receive:

  • cosmetics with amazing smells and beneficial effects,
  • 100% natural products, suitable for everyone,
  • constant support and advice related to products, as well as the promotion of your salon or hotel,
  • a large selection of cosmetic lines that will make your treatment offer more attractive,
  • preparations of the highest quality, which will become one of the advantages of your business.

We provide a win-win business partnership for both you and us. With our help you will equip your retail point, hotel or SPA with unique Polish cosmetics, created from natural ingredients. We will ensure that your products are shipped quickly every time you need them and secure them well for the duration of your trip. Thanks to this, your beauty salon will be happy to visit customers looking for eco-friendly, chemical-free cosmetics.

As our partner, we will provide you with constant support, including in the promotion of the company on social media. We will inform you on our profiles about the possibility of purchasing Rosafilo products in your living room. Thanks to this, our customers will also be happy to take advantage of the services you offer. We will also provide you with the necessary information about the composition and properties of our cosmetics. As a result, you will perfectly choose the best preparations for relaxing treatments, performed in your salon. You can also easily advise customers who want to buy products from you, thanks to which they will make themselves a homemade SPA. Satisfied visitors will return to your point in the future and will also recommend your business to your friends.

If you run a hotel, you will stand out from the competition with luxury beauty products. Guests staying at the hotel for business trips, as well as those who have rented a room for a holiday, will be happy to relax as soon as they arrive. Bathing with warming or refreshing salt will remain in their memory forever. The sensual smell of essential oils will be associated with your object, recalling positive memories.

An extraordinary gift for friends and business partners

Don't have an idea for a gift for your business partners or colleagues? Our cosmetics are a great gift that will show them that they are important to you! We care about the natural composition and attractive packaging of our products. Thanks to this, each of them can become an expression of appreciation of the cooperation and efforts made so far in achieving business goals.

If you decide to order any of our cosmetics, you can be sure that we will pack them in attractive and environmentally safe packaging. Each detail will be determined before the order is processed, so that you know exactly what gifts for partners you will receive. On the day they are handed out, nothing will surprise you! We will also ensure that all products are shipped efficiently, so that you will avoid unnecessary stresses. With ready-made gifts on time, you will be able to devote your attention to other matters. And those endowed will appreciate the extraordinary gift you thought of before.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our constantly growing offer, as well as to contact us. Write to: Agnieszka.kwiatkowska@rosafilo.pland we will be happy to discuss all the details of the cooperation.