A land of delight, scent and well-being!

ROSAFILO is a Polish company, brand and family business, which was established in February 2018. ROSAFILO brand products are a combination of nature and beauty. Our surrounding Baltic Sea coast nature has become an inspiration for creating unique and 100% natural cosmetics. The main purpose of Rosafilo is to give to women products that are both beautiful and natural Our particular speciality are luxury professional cosmetics for SPAs, hotels and beauty parlours.
Our offer also aims at concious, demanding individuals.

The touch of nature

The essence of our brand is sensual experience.  ROSAFILO products, acting on all of our senses, are a feel of nature. The uniqueness of our cosmetics lies in capturing nature's form, structure and scent. The power contained in ROSAFILO formulas acts on body and soul. Our exclusive formulas aim to express the infinte riches of nature that surrounds us.